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Coralim nuevo complejo aceitunas
Coralim has developed a flavouring complex for use in olives free of the metabisulfite allergen. This complex takes care of fruit, preserving it, providing a pleasant anchovy taste and preventing the oxidation of the broth.
Coralsweet edulcorante natural artificial
Coralim has developed a line of intensive SWEETENERS under the name of CoralSweet.

The products of the CoralSweet range incorporate the right ingredients for successful total or partial replacement.

Coralim entra en la junta directiva de AFCA
Coralim Aditivos S.L. now forms part of the de Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Food Additive Manufacturers and Distributors (AFCA)
coralim lanza coralfruit antioxidante fruta y verdura 4ª gama
The CORALFRUIT provides a series of products, of tried and tested effectiveness, prepared from organic acids and vitamins whereby it is possible to lengthen the useful life of fruit and vegetables.
Almacen Coralim Additives and colorants Valencia, Spain
Coralim has moved its offices and its operations’ centre to the Logistics’ Park in Ribarroja in an enclave with good strategic connections in the vicinity of the city of Valencia.