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Development of customised solutions
Coralim not only adds an ingredient to your product, but a solution too.
When we are faced with a new development or a reformulation, either owing to legislative changes or the adaptation to market requirements in the search for healthier, more attractive and/or more competitive foods, Coralim is able to provide a global vision which not only includes our products, but the whole of the manufacturing and commercialisation process too, from the selection of ingredients to the arrival of the food at the final consumer.
We adapt our formulations to your needs,
as we are interested in taking part in your success
R&D as part of a team with the customer
Chemical and food technology engineers which form part of the Coralim team, working closely with the R&D teams of our customers, affording our global vision, in terms of in-depth knowledge of food colourings, antioxidants, sweeteners and other ingredients as well as any news in terms of food legislation, putting at their disposal our applications laboratory or going to theirs.
Advice on demand
We have vast experience in the field of food additives and ingredients and we see it as our mission not only to “sell” a product, but also to accompany our customers and afford them value through our advice. 
Our customers' success is our success.