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CORALIM will form part of the board of directors of AFCA

Coralim entra en la junta directiva de AFCA
Coralim Aditivos S.L. now forms part of the de Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Food Additive Manufacturers and Distributors (AFCA)
AFCA is a non-profit making business association of a state nature which brings together the manufacturers and commercialisers of additives and ingredients for food use.
The services AFCA provides to its members and the institutions  are consumers are to inform, train and advise, prioritising AFCA members and, in addition, institutions and consumers as a whole, in terms of legislation, employment, application, safety, quality and toxicologies related with food additives and complements amongst other topics of interest.
AFCA’s actions are essentially aimed at the Administration, public opinion and the members themselves, promoting campaigns  and activities to disseminate the role of food additives and complements in human diet.
Coralim Aditivos has been an associate member of Afca since 2007 and it was appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors at the Ordinary General Meeting held on January 31st 2013 in Barcelona.