Industrial Solutions

Far away from food, we serve the technical industry

Coraltech is our family of industrial colour solutions specially designed for Household and personal care. At Coralim, we are continuously developing colours for new applications in order to offer new solutions to our customers.

One of our main sectors in the technical industry is that of fertiliser producers. Our main products include:

  • CORALCOLOR COLOURS: we propose a range of soluble dyes, which do not leave residues and are mostly suitable for food consumption.
  • pH-indicating dyes: for formulations where pH is a determining factor, we propose:
    • Coralagro Red AB Extra: red colour at acid pH (up to 4.2) which turns yellow at a more neutral pH (6.2)
    • Coralagro Red AC Extra: yellow dye at acid pH which turns to red at neutral pH (6.8)
  • Dispersible xanthan gum: rheological agent of natural origin, acts as a thickener and stabiliser. Resists well to the most aggressive components of liquid fertilisers.

Because of being experts in the food colours industry, we have developed our Coraltech family of products with all the passion and care we have always applied in the food industry.

Most common applications are:

  • Detergency
  • Car washing active foam
  • Car windshield liquid
  • Car antifreeze liquid
  • Candles
  • Fertiliser

  • Many more coming soon

Catalogues and Certifications

Download our Coraltech catalogue and discover the whole range of colours we have developed for industry.