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Coralim is a worldwide leader company in the food industry. We have teams working in diferent countries with interesting challenges and roles.

If you are willing to help us revolut the food industry with fresh ideas, help other companies to evolve their products to healthier and more responsiveness alternatives and grow both personally and professionally in a sector with infinite possibilities, join our team!

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The way we are

Team creators by nature

We like to create intercultural teams because we know there is too much to be discovered yet, two persons synergies could add more than one mind helped with our global experience.

The first ones

Our customers know us because of giving quick solutions and great advice. Our teams are really flexible and love to get things done fast to give our customers the best possible solutions.

We are part of our customers

We are not in the food colours market but in the food colours solution market. Our team gets engaged with customers in order to help them develop together any new product. Finding solutions is our day to day motivation.

Opened Positions

Valencia (Spain)

Junior sales administration full time
Junior Indoor sales agent full time

Casablanca (Morocco)

Senior purchase manager full time

Dakar (Senegal)

Junior sales agent full time

Internships and University Collaboration

At Coralim we are always looking for new talented people bringing revolutionary ideas because not two days are the same at our office. Every year students from diferent universities and institution from different fields of study choose us for developing their intership programs. If thats your willignes, feel free to send us your application.

We are seeking for people willing to change the world and leave their fingerprint. We will also change your career.

Your career is as unique and challenging as our day to days, let us show you

Give your career an extra impulse by joining our innovative and challenging teams

We are intercultural team players. Are you an entrepreneurial player?
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