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Colour is the first characteristic which strikes us about a food, as well as being one of the qualities which is most highly rated by the consumer. This is why we think it is extremely important to look after this aspect; here at CORALIM we work in conjunction with our customers to achieve the best results by complying with the most demanding quality parameters.
coralim colorantesWe specialise in colourings
Our wide experience enables us to provide the best solutions, adapting processes and products to new food trends.
coralim colorantesDust-free colourings
Dust-free colourings are small granules which prevent the formation of dust and afford handling advantages during manufacture. The effect on the final product is the same as in the case of powdered colourings and it is recommended in those processes in which powdered product handling may entail some processing drawbacks or inconvenience staff.
SYNTHETIC FOOD COLOURS E102   Yellow 5, 19140
E104   Yellow 13, 47005
E110   Yellow 6, 15985
E122   Red 3, 14720
E124   Red 7, 16255
E127   Red 14, 45430
E129   Red17, 16035
E131   Blue 5, 42051
E132   Blue1, 73015
E133   Blue 2, 42090
E151   Black 1, 28440
NATURAL FOOD COLOURS E100            Curcumin        
E101ii           Riboflavin- 5'- Phosphate
E120             Carmine, Cochineal
                      - Carmin Acid Orange Stable
                      - Carmin HS (Concentration levels to 98%)
                      - Carmin Acid Red Stable
                      - Carmin Lake

E141i            Copper complexes of chlorophyll
E141ii           Copper complexes of chlorophyll
E150a           Alkaline caramel, Class I caramel
E150b           Alkali-sulphite caramel, Class II caramel
E150c           Ammonia caramel, Class III caramel
E150d           Sulphite-ammonia caramel, Class IV caramel
E153             Carbon
E160a           carotenes
E160aii          ß-carotene
E160b           Annato
E160c           Oleorresina de pimentón
E160e           Beta-apo-carotenal
E161b           Lutein
E162             Beetroot extract
E163             Anthocyanins (Black Carrot)
E171             Titanium dioxide
E102               Yellow 5, 19140
E110               Yellow 6,   15985
E124               Red 7, 16255
E133               Blue 2, 42090
E102+E133    Green Mint